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Civics represent societal matters on which the player can position the Empire by making a choice between propositions, and thus forging the Empire's character and ideology. The game context and the Empire actions will sometimes line up and unlock the conditions for a new civic. Each civic has two options to choose from. Both choices correspond to a possible answer to the question raised by the civic. Either choice will modify the Empire ideologies and have gameplay effects or unlock content. Empires can only enact one of the choices by spending Influence Influence.

Enacting Civics[]

Civics may be enacted for an Influence Influence cost. This cost will increase as more civics are enacted and as later Eras are reached. In addition, enacted civics may be canceled for an additional Influence Influence cost.

Civic enactment cost

Influence Influence cost =

C = Number of Civics currently enacted

Civic cancellation cost

Influence Influence cost =

Civic enactment influence cost with 0% discount on normal speed:

Civics 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Era I 20 21 29 50 94 167 278 437 650 928 1279 1712 2235 2859 3593 4445 5425 6542 7807 9227
Era II 20 22 37 80 167 314 537 853 1281 1836 2538 3403 4451 5699 7165 8869 10829 13064 15593 18435
Era III 20 23 46 110 241 460 795 1270 1911 2744 3797 5095 6666 8538 10738 13294 16234 19586 23380 27642
Era IV 20 24 54 141 314 607 1054 1687 2541 3653 5056 6787 8882 11378 14311 17719 21639 26109 31166 36850
Era V 20 25 63 171 388 754 1312 2103 3172 4561 6315 8478 11097 14217 17884 22143 27044 32631 38953 46057
Era VI 20 26 71 201 461 901 1570 2520 3802 5469 7574 10170 13313 17056 21456 26568 32448 39153 46739 55264

Civic cancellation influence cost with 0% discount on normal speed:

Eras Era I Era II Era III Era IV Era V Era VI
Influence 35 305 755 1385 2195 3185

Both these costs are further modified by a number of technologies and tenets.

These reductions are additive, but the max reduction is capped at 99%.

Civic Backlash[]

See also: Civics Osmosis

A Civic Osmosis can happen if a City fall into the influence of another Empire, and the foreign Empire picked a different choice on a given Civic. The Empire can either adopt the suggested civic for free, or refuse.

  • Refusing will lead to a loss of Stability Stability by applying Defiant status (-50 Stability for 10 Turn turns) on the City.
  • Certain Civics also have a diplomatic effect; such Civic are marked by a small globe symbol (🌐) on the Civic icon. Refusing to enact a globed Civic choice will create a special Grievance for the foreign Empire, and they can demand the refusing Empire to change it.

Civic List[]

Civics are arranged in a total of 7 different categories. These are (from left to right on the in-game Civic table):

7 Economy Civics, Civics related to public spending and investment.

5 Army Civics, Civics related to military and martial matters.

6 Justice Civics, Civics related to the treatment of criminals and other civil issues.

7 Government Civics, Civics related to the organization of your ministry and politics.

4 Society Civics, Civics related to day-to-day life in your Empire.

5 Culture Civics, Civics related to cultural issues and art.

6 Religion Civics, Civics related to beliefs and what is acceptable or not.

Among the Civics, there is a special type of Civics that are marked by a small globe symbol (🌐) before unlocked. There are Civics that have a diplomatic effect; refusing such Civics in an Osmosis event will create a special Grievance for the influencing foreign Empire, deteriorate the relationship between the two Empires.

  • There are a total of 1 1 globed Civics.
  • Every Empire's Civic choice will be displayed on the top of the selection window of these globed Civics, to inform other Empires about every Empire's position on these Civics.
  • These globed Civics are marked by underline texts in the below tables.

Government Civics[]

Name Description Options Requirements to Unlock
UI Civics Government 01.png
Founding Myths
By what right do we rule? Natural Right (+3 Progress Progress)

We claim inherent dominion over the land and beasts.

Divine Mandate (+3 Tradition Tradition)

Our supremacy is ordained, for we are the chosen ones.

UI Civics Government 02.png
How do we lead? Small Council (+4 Liberty Liberty)

A handful of the wisest heads to give good counsel.

  • +1 City Cap
  • Lead to Political Entitlement civic
Autarch (+4 Authority Authority)

The absolute will of the leader should not be diluted.

UI Civics Government 04.png
Political Influence
Who has the ear of the autarch? Monarchy (+5 Authority Authority)

Only those of royal descent should wield political power.

Aristocracy (+5 Tradition Tradition)

The superior bloodlines of the nobility can lead this empire to greatness.

UI Civics Government 03.png
Political Entitlement
What political system does the small council support? Aristocracy (+4 Tradition Tradition)

The superior bloodlines of the nobility can lead this empire to greatness.

  • +1 Strength Combat Strength on Emblematic Unit
  • Lead to Aristocracy Evolution civic
Republic (+4 Liberty Liberty)

Supreme power should be held by the people and their elected representatives.

  • +3 Strength Combat Strength on Militia
  • Lead to Republic Evolution civic
UI Civics Government 05.png
Monarchy Power
What type of monarchy is this? Absolute Monarchy (+6 Authority Authority)

The desires of the monarch are the desires of the empire.

Constitutional Monarchy (+6 Liberty Liberty)

With curtailed powers, the monarchy is a more beloved institution of the people.

UI Civics Government 07.png
Aristocracy Evolution
Whose political interests should be represented? Oligarchy (+6 Authority Authority)

The empire's best interests are served by a concentration of political power.

  • +20% Money Money from Grievances
  • +20% Money Money from Surrender
Democratic Republic (+6 Liberty Liberty)

Political parties of many stripes compete for the backing of the people.

UI Civics Government 06.png
Republic Evolution
Should there be a diversity of poltical representation? One-Party State (+5 Authority Authority)

A single, unified party reflecting the ever-changing will of the people.

Democratic Republic (+5 Liberty Liberty)

Political parties of many stripes compete for the backing of the people

Justice Civics[]

Name Description Options Requirements to Unlock
UI Civics Justice 01.png
What style of laws does the empire use? Codified Laws (+3 Progress Progress)

Laws will be debated, classified, and codified for perpetuity.

Customary Laws (+3 Tradition Tradition)

Historical precedent and tradition serve as the basis for our judgments.

Civics Punishment.png
How should ordinary crimes be punished? Physical Punishment (+4 Tradition Tradition)

Crimes will be met with the lash of whip, and obedience will follow.

  • Unlock when the Empire Stability Stability is under 30% (Mutinous)
  • You must have built at least 1 City Watch infrastructure .
Forfeiture (+4 Progress Progress)

Criminals must be penalized with the loss of their worldly possessions.

Civics Judicial Control.png
Judicial Control
How is the justice system overseen? Open Inspections (+5 Collectivism Collectivism)

A public body should scrutinize -- and report on -- every aspect of the justice system.

People's Assembly.pngPeople's Assemblyinfrastructure
  • Requires 1 Police Force infrastructure
  • Requires
    • Democratic Republic choice for Republic Evolution or Aristocracy Evolution civic OR
    • Constitutional Monarchy choice for Monarchy Power civic
State Surveillance (+5 Authority Authority)

Covert monitoring of key figures is necessary to ensure control.

Secret Police.pngSecret Policeinfrastructure
Civics Political Control.png
Political Control
How should political opposition be uncovered? State Surveillance (+6 Collectivism Collectivism)

Covert monitoring of key figures is necessary to ensure control.

Secret Police.pngSecret Policeinfrastructure
  • Requires 1 Police Force infrastructure
  • Requires
    • One Party State choice for Republic Evolution civic OR
    • Oligarchy for the Aristocracy Evolution civic OR
    • Constitutional Monarchy choice for Monarchy Power civic

Denunciation (+6 Authority Authority)

A network of secret informers will prevent dissidents from organizing.

Neighborhood Watch.pngNeighborhood Watchinfrastructure
Civics Justice 5 Capital Punishment.png
Capital Punishment
What should the death penalty be replaced with? Lifetime Sentence (+5 Tradition Tradition)

The rest of the perpetrator's natural life to be spent imprisoned.

Hard Labor (+5 Progress Progress)

The debt to society can be partially repaid through hard, honest work.

Civics Justice6 Capital Punishment.png
Capital Punishment
What should the death penalty be replaced with? Lifetime Sentence (+6 Tradition Tradition)

The rest of the perpetrator's natural life to be spent imprisoned.

Rehabilitation (+6 Progress Progress)

Even the worst criminals can become productive members of society.

Army Civics[]

Name Description Options Requirements to Unlock
UI Civics Army 01.png
Army Composition
Who should fight for the empire? Conscripts (+3 Authority Authority)

Conscripted warriors will save us the cost of raising soldiers from the crib.

Professional Soldiers (+3 Liberty Liberty)

Forged from the Youngest Age, professional warriors will give us stronger armies.

  • +1 Strength Combat Strength on Unit
UI Civics Army 02.png
Independent Peoples
How should we use other peoples? Assimilated Peoples (+4 Homeland Homeland)

Our empire will become stronger by opening our arms to new communities.

Mercenary Armies (+4 World World)

Why let our own blood be spilled, when we can pay others to fight?

UI Civics Army 04.png
Conquered Empires
What is our outlook on conquests? Anti-Imperialists (+5 World World)

Our heads can be held high when we fight those who would oppress.

Imperialists (+5 Authority Authority)

For the sake of harmony, only one empire should be the ultimate victor.

UI Civics Army 03.png
Army Wages
How should we finance our armies? Paid Wages (+4 Homeland Homeland)

A decent, respectable soldiery must be founded on a dependable wage.

+20 Stability Stability on City that you occupy
+5 Stability Stability on Stability Garrison
  • Requires a state of War
Plundered Wages (+4 World World)

Soldiers are kept alert by earning their keep.

+50% Money Money from Ransacking
+4 Strength Combat Strength from Ransacking
Civics Nuclear Weapons.png
Nuclear Weapons
What is our stance on nuclear weapons? Nuclear Disarmament (+6 World World)

The existence of weapons of mass destruction will always diminish humanity.

Nuclear Proliferation (+6 Homeland Homeland)

Pragmatism dictates that a strong nuclear arsenal is the best deterrence.

Religion Civics[]

Name Description Options Requirements to Unlock
UI Civics Religion 01.png
Religious Rites
Should religious rites be communal or personal? Communal Rites (+3 Collectivism Collectivism)

Religious ceremonies can bind communities closer together

Personal Rites (+3 Individualism Individualism)

The Act of worship is a sacred act between a believer and a higher power.

UI Civics Religion 02.png
Religious Tolerance
What is the Empire's outlook on other religions? Open-Minded (+4 World World)

Other faiths should be free to worship as they see fit.

Religious Hostility (+4 Homeland Homeland)

There is only one true religion. The rest spread falsehoods.

UI Civics Religion 03.png
What should we do with the unfaithful? Eliminate Unbelievers (+5 Authority Authority)

Like disease carriers, the only prudent course of action for the unfaithful is death.

  • Unlocks after picked Religious Hostility choice for Religious Tolerance Civic.
  • Requires 2 Holy Site Holy Sites
Banish Unbelievers (+5 Homeland Homeland)

Let the unfaithful spread their could ideologies elsewhere.

UI Civics Religion 04.png
Religious Minorities
Should religious minorities pay tribute? Taxed Minorities (+5 Individualism Individualism)

A fair system encourages a more harmonious society.

  • Unlocks after picked Open-Minded choice for Religious Tolerance Civic.
  • Requires 2 Holy Site Holy Sites
Untaxed Minorities (+5 Liberty Liberty)

Worshippers of other faiths should not be burdened with our religion's taxes.

UI Civics Religion 06.png
What kind of irreligious society do we want? Secularism (+6 Liberty Liberty)

The functions of government are separate from religious institutions.


State Atheism (+6 Authority Authority)

We oppose religious institutional power in all aspects of public and political life.

  • Atheism now become your State Religion.
    • Atheism can spread to other territories through Faith output like a normal religion.
  • -75% Foreign Religion strength bonus
  • +25% Faith Faith on Territories under a religion's influence if Territories follow state religion (now Atheism)
  • All religious Civics are locked and invested Civics points are reimbursed.
UI Civics Religion 05.png
Scientific Facts
What is the response to empirical findings that contradict religious truths? Literalism (+6 Tradition Tradition)

What is written is the pure truth, regardless of what science says.

Compatibilism (+6 Progress Progress)

The holy words need not be taken literally, only their spirit is intended.

Culture Civics[]

Name Description Options Requirements to Unlock
Civics Foreign Customs.png
Foreign Customs
Are Others' customs to be honored or dismantled? Cultural Respect (+6 World World)

Following others' customs is no threat to our fundamental identity.

Cultural Eradication (+6 Homeland Homeland)

We should not unnecessarily dilute our culture with others' strange rites.

  • Unlocks diplomatic ability Block Sphere of Influence
    • Prevents the spread of other Empires' spheres of influence through controlled Territory.
UI Civics Culture 04.png
Press Freedom
Should the news be controlled by the government? Freedom of Speech (+6 Liberty Liberty)

Societal progress relies on the people speaking truth to power.

  • -20% Cost of canceling Civic
  • -20% Cost of enacting Civic
  • Requires unlocking Artistic Expression Civic
  • Requires 50 Population Population
  • Empire Stability Stabilitymust be 90% or above
Propaganda (+6 Authority Authority)

The masses need simple stories for the good of the empire.

  • Prevents any Empire revolution
UI Civics Culture 01.png
Cultural Blessing
What attitude should we have to outsider cultures? Monoculturalism (+3 Homeland Homeland)

Without unity we will only sow division.

Multiculturalism (+3 World World)

A culture is like a rope -- stronger when composed of many strands.

The city needs to have been created by Independent People. (you may gift them an outpost to control the location of the city)

Liberating and Assimilating your own cities will not work.

It does not matter if the independent city was Assimilated or Conquered.

UI Civics Culture 03.png
Artistic Expression
Should artists be subject to censorship or given free reign of expression? Free Arts (+5 Liberty Liberty)

For every human soul to reach its potential, art must be free.

Censored Arts (+5 Homeland Homeland)

Nothing is more dangerous than a world of unfettered ideas.

Civics Artistic Ownership.png
Artistic Ownership
Who determines what is considered art? Academic Artists (+4 Homeland Homeland)

Truth, beauty, virtue -- only the finest minds can recognise true art.

Academy of Arts.pngAcademy of Artsinfrastructure
Independent Artists (+4 Liberty Liberty)

The creative fire exists in each and every one of us.

Artist's Studio.pngArtist's Studioinfrastructure

Economy Civics[]

Name Description Options Requirements to Unlock
UI Civics Economy 02.png
Land Rights
Does the Land belong to the empire or the People? Communal Land (+4 Collectivism Collectivism)

The fruits of the earth will be enjoyed by all.

Inherited Land (+4 Individualism Individualism)

Family trees will best cultivate the soils over the generations.

UI Civics Economy 04.png
Materials Procurement
How should we secure necessary resources Seize Resources (+5 Homeland Homeland)

The world's bounties belong to those that can take them.

Trade Resources (+5 Individualism Individualism)

We are blessed in some things, lacking in others: Trade makes sense.

UI Civics Economy 05.png
International Trading
What is our guiding foreign economic policy? Isolationism (+5 Homeland Homeland)

The fruits of our labor are ours and our allies alone.

Globalism (+5 Individualism Individualism)

Money makes the world go round. And we don't want to stop it spinning.

UI Civics Economy 01.png
Fundamental Values
Is the empire's first concern citizens' security or happiness? Public Happiness (+3 Liberty Liberty)

A joyful life begets a prosperous one.

Public Security (+3 Authority Authority)

The dangers of the world are myriad. Nothing is more vital than citizens' protection.

UI Civics Economy 03.png
Knowledge Authorities
Who has the biggest influence on our empire's knowledge? Elders' Wisdom (+4 Tradition Tradition)

We must not forget the lessons of our own history.

Foreign Innovations (+4 Progress Progress)

Be not too proud -- outsiders bring many truths of the world.

Civics Industrial Production.png
Industrial Production
Who should own our most important industries? Nationalized Industries (+6 Collectivism Collectivism)

Some industries are too vital to be taken from the people's hands.

Privatized Industries (+6 Individualism Individualism)

Private ownership does wonders for motivation.

Civics Working Conditions.png
Working Conditions
Do you prioritise our workers' or our companies' wellbeing? Workers' Rights (+6 Collectivism Collectivism)

Our workers are our most valuable asset.

Profit-focused (+6 Individualism Individualism)

The remorseless pursuit of profit is the only winning strategy.

Society Civics[]

Name Description Options Requirements to Unlock
UI Civics Society 03.png
Should citizenship be universal or for selected groups? Universal Citizenship (+5 Liberty Liberty)

Everyone is entitled to become a full citizen of the empire.

Must have made following government choice
  • Democratic Republic in either Republic Evolution or Aristocracy Evolution.
  • Constitutional Monarchy in Monarchy Power.
Select Citizenship (+5 Authority Authority)

Citizenship is conditional, not to be given to any wanderer within our borders.

UI Civics Society 02.png
What model should we employ four our cities on foreign shores? Vassal Colonies (+5 Homeland Homeland)

Far-flung cities should understand they work for the homeland.

  • Unlocks when founding a city on a Foreign Continent.
Naturalized Colonies (+5 World World)

New cities and their citizens, wherever they may be, are the equals of the old ones.

UI Civics Society 01.png
How do we procure slaves? Criminal Slaves (+3 World World)

Those who break our laws will become vassals for the empire.

War Slaves (+3 Homeland Homeland)

The sons and daughters of the empire's enemies will become our slaves.

Civics Children's Rights.png
Children's Rights
What are the empire's children entitled to? Child Education (+6 Progress Progress)

The empire's continued progress is predicated on educating each generation anew.

Child Employment (+6 Tradition Tradition)

Economic growth is the empire's first responsibility -- for all citizens, regardless of age.