Cultural Wonders are Districts that are unique in the world and provide Fame Fame and potent bonuses to an Empire. Wonders are inspired by and named after, famous real-world buildings or landmarks. Cultural Wonders are built through Shared Projects by City cooperation.

Not to be confused with Natural Wonders.

Building a wonder[]

  • Cultural Wonders are unlocked after reaching the Ancient Era, and need to be claimed before the Empire unlocks the ability to build it.
    • To claim a Wonder, one needs an increasing amount of Influence Influence. The cost follows the equation .
    • Once a Wonder is claimed, it will not be available to any other Empire.
    • Each Wonder and the Empire cannot claim a new Cultural Wonder until it has finished building the previous one.

Cultural Wonder building costs (affected by game speed):

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Era Wonder Cost
Ancient 1400 Industry
Classical 2800 Industry
Medieval 5600 Industry
Early Modern 11200 Industry
Industrial 22400 Industry
Contemporary 44800 Industry

Cultural Wonder claim costs (currently not affected by game speed):

Wonders Claimed 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Claim Cost Influence 250 450 1050 2050 3450 5250 7450 10050 13050 16450 20250 24450 29050 34050 39450 45250 51450

Characteristics of a Wonder[]

  • Once a Wonder is built, it will provide yields to the City (which controls the Territory where the Wonder is built) and the Empire with benefits.
    • Every Wonder has two default bonuses: A certain amount of Stability Stability to the City that owns it, and 100 Fame Fame to the Empire that built it upon completion.
    • In addition, the Wonder would exploit tiles around it.
    • The tile that the Wonder is on cannot be overwritten by any other building or District.
    • Certain Wonders also act as a Holy Site Holy Site for effects and bonuses.
  • If an enemy Empire captures the Territory where the Wonder is placed, the new Territory owner gets all of the benefits from the Wonder, except the Fame Fame bonus.

List of Wonders[]

Ancient Era[]

Pyramid of Giza.pngPyramid of GizaAncient Era
Stonehenge.pngStonehengeAncient Era

Classical Era[]

Colossus of Rhodes.pngColossus of RhodesClassical Era
Statue of Zeus.pngStatue of ZeusClassical Era

Medieval Era[]

Angkor Wat.pngAngkor WatMedieval Era
Forbidden City.pngForbidden CityMedieval Era
Great Zimbabwe.pngGreat ZimbabweMedieval Era
Notre Dame.pngNotre DameMedieval Era
Tōdai-Ji.pngTōdai-JiMedieval Era

Early Modern Era[]

Machu Picchu.pngMachu PicchuEarly Modern Era
Saint Basil's Cathedral.pngSaint Basil's CathedralEarly Modern Era
Taj Mahal.pngTaj MahalEarly Modern Era
Topkapi Palace.pngTopkapi PalaceEarly Modern Era

Industrial Era[]

Statue of Liberty.pngStatue of LibertyIndustrial Era
Big Ben.pngBig BenIndustrial Era
Eiffel Tower.pngEiffel TowerIndustrial Era

Contemporary Era[]

Empire State Building.pngEmpire State BuildingContemporary Era
Maracanã Stadium.pngMaracanã StadiumContemporary Era
Sydney Opera House.pngSydney Opera HouseContemporary Era
Christ the Redeemer.pngChrist the RedeemerContemporary Era

Related achievements[]

Build every Cultural Wonder over several games.
Culture Vulture
Obtain 3 Cultural Wonders through conquest.
Don't Know Much About History
Destroy a Cultural Wonder.
Seven Wonders of My World
Construct seven Cultural Wonders in a single game.