Diplomacy is how Empires interact with each other, from Trade and Treaties to Crisis and War.

All the diplomacies in Humankind are carried out in the Diplomacy Screen, which divides into 4 Tabs: Relations, Trade, Treaties, and Crisis. Relations deals with the general relations between Empires, Trade deals with resources trading and trade routes, Treaties deals with agreements and alliances, and Crisis deals with Grievance, Demands, and war negotiations.


The Relations Tab will show up when clicking an Empire's icon/roundel, which displays your relationship with the selected Empire, as well as an overview of both Empires' relationships with others Empires. You can change your diplomatic state here, such as declaring war or propose an alliance.

When one of your Units spotted a City of another Empire but not vice versa, you will know the existence of the other Empire but they don't know you. In this case, you can use the Introduce Yourself button on the Relations Tab to make the other Empire know you.

Diplomatic Relationship[]

The relationship between two Empires will always be at one of the below states: Peace, War, Alliance, Vassal or Liege.



Main article: War

  • The two Empires are at war with each other. When in war, Treaties between Empires are not applicable, so as trade (unless the Globalism choice on the Internaional Trading civic is enabled).
  • The War status will only end if a White Peace is accepted or one of the warring Empires Surrendered. There is currently no "negotiated peace" or "peace with terms".


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If two Empires are allied with each other, they can have closer relationships and deeper cooperations, as well as various benefits.

Vassal and Liege[]

Main article: Vassalage

Vassalage, Vassal-Liege, or Liege-Vassal relationship is a special diplomatic relationship in which one Empire is subordinated to another.

Diplomatic Attitude[]

The specific relationships between Empires, especially between players and AI Empires, are primarily defined and influenced by Attitudes and Ideological Proximity.

  • Attitudes are influenced and modified by certain actions and conditions between the two Empires. Actions such as buying Resources and making an Alliance can improve the relationships, while breaking treaties and pressing Demands can deteriorate the relationships.

Friendly Attitudes and close Ideological Proximity can lead to more cooperations between the two Empires, while negative Attitudes and distant Ideological Proximity means conflicts are more likely to happen.

In addition, some diplomatic actions can earn the Empire a temporary Reputation Badge, which represents the renown of the Empire on the world stage, effecting the diplomatic relationships as well as War Support.


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The Trade Tab displays both Empires' Resources as well as Trade Routes. Once you and the other Empire signed the Only Trade Luxuries Treaty or above, you two can begin to trade Resources with each other here.


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The Treaties Tab lists all Treaties occurring between your two Empires, which define your Diplomatic Abilities. You can propose new Treaties here or break/downgrade existing Treaties.


The Crisis Tab lists all Grievances occurring between your two Empires. You can make Demands here, as well as settling the negotiations of a war.

Grievance and Demand[]

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War Desire and War[]

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