Districts, also used to be known as Quarters and Extensions, are the primary components of a City that need to be placed on the physical space of the map, representing the physical form of the cities.

Different types of Districts will offer different benefits to the City they're built in - mostly creating exploitations, providing FIMS yields, as well as extracting resources, open up trade routes, providing higher Population limits, and serving as the prerequisites for infrastructures.


Districts are both the fundamental building blocks and the physical form of Cities in Humankind. All Cities will start with only a single District - the Main Plaza (used to be known as City Center) - and gradually expand from this central point.

Most of the Districts follow two common placement rules:

Only a few Districts can be freely placed anywhere in the Territory. However, they cannot act as an anchor point to build new Districts from them; only a Hamlet, a Main Plaza, or an Administrative Center can act as so.

Different types of Districts have different designated FIMS (Food, Industry, Money, and Science) yields, which decide which yields a District can provide and exploit. Once a District is built, it can provide direct FIMS yields to the City based on this yield type, and the tiles surrounding it that are not occupied by other Districts will be developed into Exploitations.

  • All the Districts will provide yields the moment you build it, and don't need any Population to "work" them.
  • The terrain yield of a tile where a District is placed will become part of the District's yields.
  • If a District cannot exploit the yield of the tile it is placed on, the District will remove the terrain yields underneath.
  • Even though Districts can create exploitations, Exploitation yields are not counted towards District yields. District yield is only the yield of the tile where the District is on.

Beside the direct yield output, Districts can also provide Specialist Slots (, , and ) for additional yields via Population.

The output of a District usually benefits from adjacency bonuses and Infrastructures. Many infrastructures also require an existing District in order to be built.

Most of the generic Districts can be built in any City in any numbers at any time after unlocking them. Other ones are limited by resource deposits, or can be only built once per Territory.

Districts, as well as Cities, are protected by the Walls Family of Infrastructures. Every level of the Walls infrastructures will add stacking levels of Fortifications onto every District in the City that is connected to the Main Plaza; outlying Districts won't be protected.

Districts can be destroyed, either via ransack, or suffering from artillery and aerial bombardments. Destroyed Districts will left as ruins on the ground, which must be cleared before any new developments can be made on that tile.

District Cost Formula[]

Districts not listed here have static costs during the game. See the individual pages for it.

D = The number of district constructed in the City.

W = Worker slots in City of District Type

Generic Districts

50Industry + (20 * (D-1)1.16)+(D/2+W-1)2.025

Emblematic Districts, Commons

80Industry + (20 * (D-1)1.15)+(0.85*(D-1))2.025

Harbor, Haven, Hamlet

70Industry + (30 * (D-1)1.16)+(0.85*(D-1))2.05

Nature Reserve

30Industry + (10 * (D-1)1.16)+(0.85*(D-1))2

Garrison, Train Station, Aerodrome, Airport, Missile Silo

50Industry + (20 * (D-1)1.16)+(0.85*(D-1))2.025

Generic Districts[]

Districts that can be built by every culture are considered as the Generic Districts. Many of them can be built in any numbers, covering the Territories, and serving as the backbone of Cities and Empires.

List of Generic Districts[]

Generic Districts
Era District Technology Type or Designated Yields
Ancient Era Main Plaza Instantly unlocked City Center,
Outpost Instantly unlocked Administrative Center,
Farmers Quarter Instantly unlocked Food
Makers Quarter Instantly unlocked Industry
Market Quarter Writing Money
Garrison Bronze-working Military
Harbor Fishing
Classical Era Research Quarter Philosophy Science
Commons Quarter Imperial Power Stability
Medieval Era Hamlet Chivalry
Colony Model Feudalism Main Plaza,
Early Modern Era Colony Plan Three-Masted Ship Main Plaza,
Industrial Era Aerodrome Aeronautics Military
Train Station Steam Engine Industry, transportation
Colony Blueprint Steam Engine Main Plaza
Nature Reserve Nationhood Influence
Contemporary Era Airport Aerial Warfare Money
Missile Silo Rocket Science Military
Colony Grid Civil Engineering Main Plaza,

List of Resource Extractors[]

Unlike Generic Districts which can create exploitations around them and have freer placements, Resource Extractors are built on top of luxury and strategic resources to collect copies of the resource.

Resource Extractors
Era Extractor Resource Technology
Ancient Era Artisans Quarter Luxury Resources Calendar
Horse Ranch Horse Domestication
Copper Mine Copper Bronze-working
Classical Era Iron Mine Iron Standing Army
Early Modern Era Luxury Manufactory Luxury Resources Patronage
Saltpetre Mine Saltpetre Gunpowder Warfare
Industrial Era Coal Mine Coal Steam Engine
Oil Well Oil Combustion Engine
Contemporary Era Aluminium Mine Aluminium Aerial Warfare
Uranium Mine Uranium Uranium Enrichment

Emblematic Districts[]

Emblematic Districts - used to be called Emblematic Quarters and known as EQ or ED among the players - are Districts that are unique to every culture. They can only be built by a single culture in a given Era, and usually are limited to one Emblematic District per-Territory, while offering stronger and more interesting effects than generic Districts.

Ancient Era[]

Astronomy House.pngAstronomy HouseBabylonians
Canal Network.pngCanal NetworkHarappans

Classical Era[]

Great Obelisk.pngGreat ObeliskAksumites
Satrap Palace.pngSatrap PalaceAchaemenid Persians

Medieval Era[]

Grand Mosque.pngGrand MosqueUmayyads
Sacred Mound.pngSacred MoundMississippians

Early Modern Era[]

Sultan Camii.pngSultan CamiiOttomans
Tera.pngTeraEdo Japanese

Industrial Era[]


Contemporary Era[]

Agronomy Lab.pngAgronomy LabBrazilians
Robotics Lab.pngRobotics LabJapanese

Shared Projects[]

See also: Shared Project

Shared Projects are special Constructibles that can have multiple cities assigned to their constructions. Similar to normal Districts, they require physical placement on the world map (except can be freely placed in owned Territories).

Cultural Wonders[]

Main article: Cultural Wonder

Holy Sites[]

Main article: Holy Site

Holy Sites are special Religious Districts that act as the main producer of Faith. Unlike other Districts, the number of Holy Sites are decided by religious tenets.

Monumental Cross.pngMonumental CrossChristianity
Stone Rings.pngStone RingsShamanism
Great Torii.pngGreat ToriiShintoism
Grand Fire Temple.pngGrand Fire TempleZoroastrianism

National Project[]

Main article: National Project