Fame Fame is the key resource in Humankind, after the game ends, the Empire with the greatest fame wins the game. Every great accomplishment, moral choice, or battle won will build fame and leave a lasting impact on the world. Achieving era stars is the most reliable provider of fame, but it can also be won by building cultural wonders, unlocking deeds, and carrying out specific Narrative Events. Keep in mind that earning fame from era stars is reliable, but the fame rewards from them are decaying each Turn turn.

Fame as Winning Condition[]

A game of Humankind is determined by Fame Fame: when the game ends, whoever has the most Fame Fame wins the game.

Note that Fame is the Winning Condition instead of the End Game Condition; for example, the first player who triggers the game's ending may not have he most Fame.

Even if an Empire is eliminated from the game, the Fame Fame they earned will not be removed. Therefore it is possible to have an eliminated Empire win a game.

Sources of Fame[]

Era Stars[]

Era Star Era Stars are the main source of Fame Fame in the game. There are earned by completing generated objectives for your culture, and have 7 categories: that correspond to the seven culture affinities: Aesthete Aesthete, Agrarian Agrarian, Builder Builder, Expansionist Expansionist, Merchant Merchant, Militarist Militarist, and Scientist Scientist.

There are 3 Era Star Era Stars to unlock per category in an Era, and the Era Star Era Star that matches your culture affinity will yield you twice the amount of Fame Fame.

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Every Wonder will provide 100 Fame Fame to the Empire that built it upon completion.

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Certain choices of certain Narrative Events will give the player a small, one time income of Fame Fame.

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Competitive Deeds[]

A list of deeds for which each Empire will compete. If two Empire shares the same map view through diplomacy, the discoverable deeds can be earned for both of them, because technically they both discovered it, at the same time.

Name Description Fame reward
A Cultured Land Spread your Influence cultural influence through an entire continent. 150 Fame
Bread and Games Discover Imperial Power. 50 Fame
Bring the Heat Own a nuclear weapon. 50 Fame
Built to Last Build a Wonder. 50 Fame
Continental Conquer a continent 150 Fame
Eighty Days Circumnavigate the World. 150 Fame
Interplanetary Expedition Pioneer Complete Mars Colony National Project. 50 Fame
Let there be Light! Discover Electricity. 50 Fame
National Project Pioneer Complete a National Project. 50 Fame
Nuclear Weapons Test Pioneer Complete ICBM Test National Project. 50 Fame
No Stone Unturned Discover 100% of the World. 150 Fame
Our Salvation? Discover Renewable Energy. 50 Fame
Plain Sailing Discover Seafaring Mastery. 50 Fame
Planetary Observation Satellite Launch Pioneer Complete Satellite Network National Project. 50 Fame
Pressing Matters Discover Movable Typeface. 50 Fame
Ptolemy Map continent: continent name 150 Fame
Sacred Ground Build a Holy Site. 100 Fame
Smorgasbord Get access to every strategic and luxury resource. 150 Fame
Symposium Pioneer Complete a Symposium. 50 Fame
Terra Incognita Set foot on an uninhabited continent. 150 Fame
Trainspotter Build a railway line between two cities. 100 Fame
Verba Volant, Scripta Manent Discover Writing. 50 Fame
Wonderful Natural Wonder Be the first to discover a Natural Wonder 50 Fame