Infrastructures in Humankind are yield modifiers built in the Cities. Infrastructures found in the construction list as well as Units and Districts. Each City can only build one of each of these special buildings, and they are not placed on the map, but they will directly improve the City. They interact with Districts and other game entities in unique ways. The special buildings are categorized by families and levels. New family lines or new levels in the existing ones can be unlocked by various technologies.

Infrastructure list[]

Type Family Ancient Era Classical Era Medieval Era Early Modern Era Industrial Era Contemporary Era
Food Animal Husbandry Animal Barns Factory Farming
Grain Stockage Granary Grain Silos Industrial Silos
Irrigation Flood Irrigation Artificial Reservoirs
Fertilization Fertilizer Plant Drone-assisted Fertilizer Plant
Industry Coal Energy Forge Charcoal Kiln High Furnace Coal Plant
Lumbering Lumber Yard Sawmill
Quarrying Stoneworks Quarrying Machinery
River Exploitation Watermill Hydroelectric Dam
Workplace Artisan Workshop Manufactory Factory Automated Factory
Solar Energy Solar Farm
Wind Energy Wind Farm
Nuclear Energy Nuclear Plant
Money Distribution Food Market Food Plaza
Taxation Levy Administration Taxation Office
Trading Taxation Customs Farm Customs Agency
Trading Commodity Market Stock Exchange
Banking Bank Financial District
Science Knowledge Diffusion House of Scribes Manuscript Atelier Printing House Tech Park
Education School University Academy
Knowledge Storage Library Cabinet of Curiosities Museum
Research Centers Alchemist's Workshop Inventor's Workshop Supercomputer Lab
Harbor Fishing Fishery Whale Fishing Pisciculture
Sea Trade Fishmonger Great Fishmarket Seafood Wholesalers
Influence Pottery Workshop Pottery Workshop
Entertainment Theater Playhouse Cinema
Stability Public Hygiene Public Fountain Aqueduct Sewage Treatment Plant
Policing City Watch Police Force
Health Apothecary Hospital
Fortification Walls Fences, Palisades Stone Walls Bastions Bomb Shelters
Formation Barracks Tourney Fields Military School
Camps Watchtower Fort Command Compound
Reserve Armory Conscription Center
Anti-Air Anti-Air Surveillance, SAM
Bunker Bunker
Unlocked by Civics
Influence Arts Academy of Arts, Artist's Studio
Stability Governance People's Assembly, Secret Police, Neighborhood Watch

Deprecated infrastructures[]

Type Family Ancient Era
Food Millstone Millstone
Money Tanning Racks Tanning Racks