Disambig.png This article is about culture affinity. For a Merchant reputation badge, see Merchant (badge).


Merchant culture icon.png Merchant Cultures favour a gameplay orientation focused on Money Money and trade.

These cultures gain extra Fame Fame from Era Star Merchant Era Stars for earning Money Money.

Affinity Action: Power Investor[]

Can use Influence Influence to marshal venture capital towards a Resource Deposit, either creating an Extractor or generating Money Money.

  • If no Extractor exists, then one will be created instantly on the deposit.
  • Otherwise, you will share a sum of Money Money with the owner. You'll both earn more Money Money the more Empires are buying the resource; and if the owner is an Independent People, their cut will count as a Bribe, improving relations.

Affinity Bonus: Mediation[]

Any resource you buy via trade can be re-purchased by other Empires, only if these Empires are not already buying the resource from the same third-party you are buying it to.

Era Stars threshold formula[]

The same formula applies to the Merchant Era Star Era Stars of every Era in the Normal Game Speed.

  • 1st or Bronze Merchant Star
  • 2nd or Silver Merchant Star
    • Earn a total of (500 * Number of Era^3 + 100) * GameSpeed Money Money.
  • 3rd or Gold Merchant Star
    • Earn a total of (500 * Number of Era^3 + 100) * GameSpeed Money Money.

Number of Era = [1] Ancient ... [6] Contemporary

Game Speed = 0.25 blitz, 0.5 fast, 1 normal, 1.5 slow, 2 endless


  • 600 Money Money per star in Ancient (first star is slighly cheaper at 550)
  • 4100 Money Money per star in Classical
  • 13600 Money Money per star in Medieval
  • 32100 Money Money per star in Early Modern
  • 62600 Money Money per star in Industrial
  • 108100 Money Money per star in Contemporary

Unlike other Affinities the next era Bronze star cannot be unlocked regardless of how much is earned past the Gold star threshold.

List of Merchant cultures[]

Ancient Era[]

NubiansNubiansMerchant Merchant
PhoeniciansPhoeniciansMerchant Merchant

Classical Era[]

AksumitesAksumitesMerchant Merchant
CarthaginiansCarthaginiansMerchant Merchant

Medieval Era[]

ByzantinesByzantinesMerchant Merchant
GhanaiansGhanaiansMerchant Merchant
SwahiliSwahiliMerchant Merchant

Early Modern Era[]

DutchDutchMerchant Merchant
VenetiansVenetiansMerchant Merchant

Industrial Era[]

  • None

Contemporary Era[]

ChineseChineseMerchant Merchant