Militarist culture icon.png Militarist cultures favour a gameplay orientation focused on waging and inciting wars.

These cultures earn extra Fame Fame from Era Star Militarist Era Stars for defeating enemy Unit Military Units.

Affinity Action: Iron Reserves[]

Can periodically call upon able bodied patriots to take up arms in defense of the mother land.

  • Instantly raise Militia Armies in your Cities, these militia behave like regular armies, cost no maintenance and upgrade automatically when a better version is unlocked in the tech tree.
  • The Militias only cost Population Population to raise, limited to your maximum army size.
  • The ability can be used once per turn and may be used to rapidly resettle population if needed.

Affinity Bonus: Vigilance[]

+30 War Support War Support equilibrium value on Relations.

Era Stars threshold formula[]

The same formula applies to the Militarist Era Star Era Stars of every Era in the Normal Game Speed.

  • 1st or Bronze Aesthete Star
  • 2nd or Silver Aesthete Star
    • Kill/destroy an additional ((Number of Era * 2) + 4) * Game Speed Unit Units.
  • 3rd or Gold Aesthete Star
    • Kill/destroy an additional ((Number of Era * 2) + 4) * Game Speed Unit Units.

Number of Era = [1] Ancient ... [6] Contemporary

Game Speed = 0.25 blitz, 0.5 fast, 1 normal, 1.5 slow, 2 endless


  • 6 Unit Units per star in Ancient
  • 8 Unit Units per star in Classical
  • 10 Unit Units per star in Medieval
  • 12 Unit Units per star in Early Modern
  • 14 Unit Units per star in Industrial
  • 16 Unit Units per star in Contemporary

The next era Bronze star can be unlocked with progress past the current era Gold star threshold (unknown formula).

List of Militarist cultures[]

Ancient Era[]

HittitesHittitesMilitarist Militarist
MycenaeansMycenaeansMilitarist Militarist

Classical Era[]

GothsGothsMilitarist Militarist
HunsHunsMilitarist Militarist

Medieval Era[]

AztecsAztecsMilitarist Militarist
MongolsMongolsMilitarist Militarist
NorsemenNorsemenMilitarist Militarist

Early Modern Era[]

PolesPolesMilitarist Militarist

Industrial Era[]

EthiopiansEthiopiansMilitarist Militarist
GermansGermansMilitarist Militarist
ZuluZuluMilitarist Militarist

Contemporary Era[]

  • None


  • The Militarist orientation used to be called the "Warmonger" orientation. The change was made to be "more thematically in-line with the others". (Source)
  • The developers of Amplitude Studios stated that they chose to not design a Militarist for the Contemporary Era because "(the Era) feels very much like 'today'… Militarist affinity feel out of place." (Source 1, Source 2)