Outposts are a settlement type in Humankind, which allows the player to claim a Territory or start a civilization and so on.


Create an Outpost[]

With an Army action, and for an Influence Influence cost you can set up an Outpost on an unclaimed Territory (one without any City or Outpost already on it). In the future this Outpost can become a City. Once an Outpost is founded by an Army, it takes several Turn turns to make it functional, based on the placement Industry Industry exploits. Once you've created an Outpost, the Territory where it is located is considered claimed and belongs to you. Other players may still enter the Territory, but no one else can claim it unless its Outpost is destroyed. You can destroy Outposts, even your own, by ransacking them with an Army (note that this will also destroy all trading routes passing through the territory).

The Outpost starts with an amount of Industry Industry invested towards its completion given by:

Starting Industry Industry = Army Strength Combat Strength / Current Era (Neolithic = 1, Ancient = 2, ..., Contemporary = 7)

It is possible for a strong Army to found an Outpost that is instantly completed.

Influence Influence cost of an outpost depends on if you have any Cities or not

No cities (Neolithic or no cities founded):

(minimum of 5)


D=Distance to nearest Attached Territory (adjacent =1)

T=Number of Territories you already control (Outposts or attached to cities


Common Law Civic: -50% cost for Outposts

Inherited Land Civic: uses Money Money instead of Influence Influence . Money Money cost of building an outpost is

I=Foreign influence on that tile-Your Influence on that tile

Relocate and upgrade to City[]

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the position of your Outpost, you can relocate it somewhere else inside the Territory for Influence Influence. You can also develop it into a City after leaving the Neolithic Era, enabling resource gathering, infrastructure construction, and military production, but be aware that Cities cannot be relocated. In both cases, these operations take Influence Influence to complete. Outpost relocation will clear District Ruins (useful for salvaging unworkable food tiles).

Once an Outpost has been upgraded to a City, other players cannot enter its territory without declaring war or having an Open Borders agreement.

Influence Influence Cost of Upgrade Projects (First is Free)

(C= Number of Cities)

Upgrade project options[]

Resources and Districts[]

From an Outpost, Empires can exploit all the Resource Deposits in the Territory. All of the Resources exploited will benefit your Empire and can be traded with other Empires. Building Districts and Units in an Outpost costs Influence Influence. Cost (for Districts/Relocation) increases by with Time

Outpost Building/Relocating Influence Influence cost

(Relocating has a "production cost" of 35)

Buildable Districts and Units[]

Attaching and Administrative Center[]

Gives the ability to attach one of your Outposts and its Territory to an adjacent City. Absorption costs Influence Influence, which increases with the Territory count of the City. Attaching an Outpost to a City cost the target City -20 Stability stability per Territory.

The cost to attach an Outpost to a City is given by:

30 + 50 * (Outposts attached to THIS city) * (Outposts attached to ALL cities)

Once attached, the Outpost will turn into Administrative Center, which functions as a small Main Plaza.


Attach cost modifiers (all?) stack multiplicatively. For example, Mauryans with Legitimacy Civic researched get a (1-(1-20%)*(1-10%) = -28% discount.

Inherited Land choice of Land Rights Civic replaces the Influence Influence attach cost given above with with Money Money cost following a different, much flatter cost curve:

60 + 100 * (Outposts attached to THIS city) + 100 * (Outposts attached to ALL cities)


An Administrative Center can be detached from its City to turn it back into an Outpost.

It stops contributing FIMS to the City. Completed Districts remain, Disctricts under construction are cancelled and don't retain progress. All population stays in the City, and Outpost population is set to 0.

Detaching an Administrative Center does not cost Influence.


You can update any Administrative Center to your current Culture with a cheap construction project.

Technologies apply on Outpost[]

Military Camps (Fortifications technology)
+1 Strength Combat Strength in combat for Units adjacent to District on Outpost
Barrack Services (Chartered Companies technology)
+2 Money Money on Outpost
Pasteurization (Microbiology technology)
-20% Population Population consumption on City or Outpost
High Density Habitation (Social Housing technology)
On City or Outpost:
+4 Farmers Slot Farmers Slot
+4 Workers Slot Workers Slot
+4 Traders Slot Traders Slot
+4 Researchers Slot Researchers Slot
Video Games (Mass Entertainment technology)
+1 Stability Stability per Population Population on City or Outpost
Military Laser (Military Laser technology)
+100 Strength Combat Strength against Air Units on Outpost
Fusion Power (Fusion Reactor technology)
+50% Industry Industry on City or Outpost

Emblematic Districts replacing the Outpost[]