Stability is a resource in Humankind that represents the public order. It is represented as a percentage and thus cannot be below 0% or over 100%. Each of an Empire's Cities has a Stability Stability value, along with one value for the entire Empire. Low Stability Stability can lead to your Population Population deserting your Cities or even revolution.

City stability[]

Each City has a Stability value. Most changes to a City's Stability Stability do not directly impact the actual Stability Stability but instead, modify the target Stability Stability. The actual Stability Stability of the City trends towards this value at a base rate of 5 Stability Stability per Turn turn. The negative trend can be reduced to -4 Stability Stability per Turn turn with the Forfeiture option of the Punishment Civic. All Districts (except for the Commons Quarter, Garrison, Resource Extractors, and certain Emblematic Districts) give -10 Stability Stability, and each attached Territories on a City gives -20 Stability Stability. Certain affinities (namely, Builder Builder and Agrarian Agrarian), provide instant Stability Stability, increasing the actual Stability Stability of the City whenever a condition is fulfilled.

Calculating surplus stability[]

The Base Value of a City's Stability Stability is a variable that can be used to calculate a City's surplus, or extra Stability Stability above 100%. It is listed in the Stability Stability tooltip of the city screen, under Gains or Losses. Use this to check if a City can handle more districts or territories while maintaining Settled status.

Example Base Value Surplus Stability Stability Total Stability Stability
40 0 100%
0 40 140%
-100 140 240%

City stability ranges[]


Unit rebelled from Byblos because of low Stability

0-29% Stability Stability


30-90% Stability Stability


91-100% Stability Stability

Stability effects on a city[]

Empire stability[]

The global Stability Stability of an Empire depends on the Stability Stability of each of its cities. If the Empire Stability Stability is low for several turns, a Revolution will happen, which will slow down your economy and reset all your civics.